Our capabilities

We can help your company and product by finding the right raw material or manufacturer for your finished product. We have 13 year experience in the industry and we work with the best manufacturers in the world. We can assist you in any project regarding raw materials, manufacturing or design.

Why choose us?

We are a transparent and no-nonsense operating company which can provide you with more information on your production process. Knowledge and trust is the key-factor to ensure your future's products and profits.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide to our customers more knowledge, more transparent relationship with their manufacturers and a better pricing strategy for the coming years. Transparency on price, quality and production is what we want to achieve for our customers to ensure a more healthy and long-term future for all partners involved.

Producing your products at the best locations

Do you need assistance to produce your product at the best locations? If the answer is ‘yes’ we deal with hundreds of manufacturers all over the world and we are sure that we have an interesting solution for your product.

We monitor the markets, we track trends, we are up to date with the latest material innovations and use this knowledge in all we do and share this with our customers.

In a rapidly changing market it is essential to keep reinventing; we recognize this and work closely with our suppliers and customers to find great ideas for your products. We work in true partnership with our customers and suppliers to grow brands and business.

Interested? Please feel free to contact us and ask for our possibilities.